Monday, September 20, 2004

The Wild West, or something like it

This week was "Roundup Sunday" at our church, where we were to dress up in western attire. (You don't have costume days at your church? Actually at a lot of churches it would seem rather cheesy, but at a small, close-knit country church it doesn't seem out of place.)

Anyway, DOB and I had been plotting our attire for several weeks. With his mid-1800s suitcoat and vest from our wedding, gray dress pants, a black grosgrain bow tie and a top hat, he was a very dignified figure. My outfit consisted of a long brown wool skirt, embroidered white blouse, brown scarf, brown hat, and boots. Although this was no doubt not what anyone else thought of when they dressed western, we determined that we were George and Eliza Richmond, George being a railway official sent out West to supervise railway expansion, circa the 1870s. (I'm sure we were the only people there who felt compelled to create a backstory.)

I dressed D1 in a long, smocked gown that had been made for one of her uncles (one of those generic garments that babies of both genders used to wear) and a frilly white bonnet.

We won the prize for best-dressed cowboy and cowgirl--I'm guessing they put the emphasis on best-dressed, not on cow handling, because we didn't remotely resemble cowpokes.

I hope to get pictures back from someone soon. The deacon has a digital camera.

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