Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Rain and what follows
Yesterday afternoon, after a highly productive morning (14 qts. of applesauce and all the bulk goods rearranged), D1 and I were taking a well-earned nap. Through the fog of sleepiness and the usual household appliance sounds, I slowly became aware of yet another noise. It finally convinced my sleep-impaired reasoning that it might be rain. I dashed to the window to check and discovered we were having an unforecasted torrential downpour. (Rain in Ohio is a whole different animal from rain in Washington.)

My immediate thought was for the clothes I had out on the drying rack. I dashed to the patio door and realized that, alas, it was too late. The clothes were already far wetter than when I removed them from the washing machine. Since DOB had to have dry socks by this morning, I had to take the load in and dry it in the dryer anyway.

The rain and extra work also distracted me from taking out the garbage. I awoke this morning and realized that it was garbage morning, but thought I still had time. But, alas, we were running late and before I could take the garbage out I had to get dressed and before I could get dressed I had to take a shower and before I could take a shower I had to get DOB's clothes ironed and by the time I had done all that and went out front, I realized the garbage truck had already come.

Now I was in despair because I had been cleaning out the garage and finally decided that I really was not going to use the giant bag of wadded up paper that was left from moving, and so the garbage can was overflowing already even without the most recent garbage added. Having it sit around for another week was not a cheering prospect. And I was sure that the garbage truck came first to the street behind us (we front on two streets) and to the street out front (where we set out our garbage). But just as I was about to give up, DOB called out, "Quick, take it out back!" I dashed out and sure enough, there was the truck almost to our house. I handed the can to the garbage men personally. They insisted I was wrong about their street order, and they were just running early today. I did not really care anymore.

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