Friday, September 24, 2004

Marching On

I had a thawing-hamburger related problem this morning that required me to clean out the entire refrigerator. Which on the whole was a good thing, considering how long it has been. (If I keep blogging about my housecleaning problems, I wonder if people will no longer dare to come over.) I had it 2/3 done in the time it took DOB to shower and dress, making me wonder why I had waited so long. Actually, I know why I waited so long. I didn't have a plan where it came up as The Next Thing To Do, and so it waited for an emergency.

But I have developed a new plan that, while not addressing the refrigerator problem, should help me in organizing the rest of the house. That is to take one room per month and have that room be my focus: deep cleaning, organizing, decorating, whatever. Then when the month ends, I give up on that room and move on. This prevents me from either getting bogged down for too long or getting sidetracked too soon. So my plan is now: September, nursery; October, office (dread, dread); November, master bedroom; December, take a break; January, kitchen; February, bathrooms; March, living and dining rooms; April, garage. In May I'll either work outside or start over again.

I have also figured out a simple scheme that will allow me to fit three and maybe four children in the house without giving up the home office or feeling too crammed. That should do us for six years or so, which is enough for me to feel reasonably prepared. (So I like to plan ahead. Way ahead. It's next week I have trouble thinking about.)

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