Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cheap is Good, Free is Better
Despite still feeling a bit draggy (still no definitive flu symptoms, but napping like Garfield), I decided I couldn't bear to miss the Labor Day Weekend sales. So I went to a couple mid-day on Saturday, though I feared all the good stuff would be gone.

I don't know what was gone at the first one, but what was remaining the proprietress was so sick of that she was giving it away for free. So we got some baby toys, a game of Pictionary, Valentine's day decorations (kids love that kind of stuff), lace curtains (if they don't work in the living room D1 can have them in her dress-up box), a couple of shirts, and a whole bunch of interesting-looking books, which I am checking out during feeding times. Right now I'm reading one on Eli Whitney, both his mechanical ingenuity and his less brilliant attempt to engage in monopoly and price-gouging. (Which the cotton farmers of the South found ways to combat without bringing anti-trust suits--amazing, isn't it!)

The second sale wasn't quite so desparate, but I got quite a few baby clothes for half-garage-sale price, which is decent.

Then Monday DOB, rather than expending not-yet-existent money taking me out, called a farmer friend of his and arranged for us to go boating on his pond. The farmer then loaned us his Gator and we went riding through the woods together--a rare treat since DOB's feet limit his ability to walk in the woods. Finally, the farmer took us down to his garden. It was one of those gardens that gets planted with great ambition every spring, and by September has gone entirely to weeds and more produce than anyone can keep up with. He helped us pick as much as we could carry.

Now I just have to get up the energy to deal with all this stuff.

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