Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Have a Nice Day, pt. 2

Thanks to everyone for the useful suggestions on how to have a good day.

Tuesday morning had "Not A Good Day" written all over it. We were running late and short on sleep. My cold lingered on. The baby was still sick (better, but still sick). The sky was gray and dreary. I found out it was my fault that DOB's cell phone had broken three months before the contract would have replaced it for free. (Those little charger plugs don't like to be upside down.) The kitchen was a mess and the task for the day (cleaning out the freezer) particularly loathsome.

So I decided it was time to put all this into practice. I was going to have a good day, regardless.

I tackled the nasty things in the kitchen first, and they didn't take as long as I thought. I put my hair in pigtails (nothing like weird hair to perk up a day). D1 and I went for a walk, after the gray skies blew away and left a bright blue September day. When the rack of diapers blew over for the fifth time in a row, I found a bunch of leaves had blown into them, so I turned the leaves into a bouquet for the kitchen table. (And gave up on drying the diapers outside.)

I did a job that I had been putting off for too long (thank-you notes) and one I had been wanting to get to (fancy bibs for D1). I took a nap. I made mashed potatoes for supper and turned the butternut squash (ugh) into butternut squash bread (yum).

It was a good day.

Today it was easier to get up and decide to have a good day again.

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