Friday, September 17, 2004

Narrow Passages
Tomorrow we are planning on picking up some free furniture from DOB's partner. We don't have room for it in this house, so DOB's parents are going to store it for us. DOB's mother wants to put the china hutch in their living room, but she first wants to repaint the living room. So until that happens, we will keep it in the hallway here. Thus we are storing the furniture for ourselves, which reminds me of that quintessentially Wodehousian situation in Picadilly Jim where Jimmy Crocker, due to a sequence of events I could not possibly explain here, winds up deceitfully posing as himself. (I really must read that book with DOB. Maybe we can get it next--it will be quite a relief after we mourn the end of Camelot.)

The only place we have to put it is in the front hallway, which it will probably mostly fill. Meanwhile as fall comes on I've discovered that I can put up my drying rack in the back hallway/laundry room and still have room to (just barely) get by. It's fortunate we are all skinny these days. Of course, when one of us (naming no names) was not, there was as yet no cause to dry diapers.

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