Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Making Money
You may have noticed that ads no longer appear at the top of the blog. But we bloggers do have the option of getting those ads back. The incentive is that we could get a share of the revenue from visitors who click on the ads. Blogger has a whole instruction sheet on how to do it, including tips on how to have strategic product placement to make the ads more effective.

It all reminds me of that episode in Anne of Avonlea where Diana takes a story of Anne's, puts in some strategic references to a particular baking powder, and wins a story contest for Anne. Anne is horrified, feeling that she has been sold out to commercialism when she should write for fame alone.

Personally, although I'd prefer fame (or at least wide readership) to fortune, I wouldn't turn down a fortune if it showed up on my doorstep. (After reasonable efforts to ascertain if it was anyone else's.) Nonetheless, I'm squeamish about putting ads back on, for some reason. They're ugly, I guess. Besides, I'm not sure people would want products placed the way I would place them:

"Our Ford Taurus just broke down again."
"I cannot get the stains out of D1's Carter outfit with my Arm & Hammer Detergent."
"The E-Machine computer had its hard disk freeze."

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