Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Carrot Quandry

Taste of Home is holding a contest for carrot recipes.

Surely an obvious opportunity for me to enter and win. After all, I probably have the world's largest collection of carrot recipes--I have several carrot recipe books, including a beautiful one on my coffee table, and many carrot recipes that people have given me over the years, a large number at one of my wedding showers.

But I've never tried any of them.

Part of the reason is that I think carrots are best eaten raw straight from the garden, with most of the dirt wiped off. Part of it is that I'm just not a recipe person. (The one exception is carrot cake recipes--I do feel a need for at least having a recipe within sight when I make cakes.) But mostly it's just because I have never gotten around to it. I fix carrots raw and grated with apples, or cooked with honey and basil, just like my mother did, because that's what I'm used to doing.

Maybe now I will feel inspired and actually try something adventuresome. Carrot-Ginger Soup? Spaghetti Carrotese? Curried Carrot Deviled Eggs?

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