Saturday, September 11, 2004

Le Restaurant Richmonde
Anniversary Weekend Specials

Chicken Tetrazinni (cooks in the crockpot, so chef is free for pre-dinner activities)
Toasted Baguette with Garlic Butter, Homegrown Tomatoes and Fresh Basil (Worth all the work of growing tomatoes and basil. So far D1 is showing no reaction to the garlic butter, hurrah!)
Peas (What are french peas, anyway?)
Stale Cake (At least a designated couple of bites of the one saved from the Ohio reception. Who invented the saving the cake for a year tradition, anyway?)
Strawberry Crême Glacée (Much better than the cake.)

Fresh Currant Scones (Actually raisins--I can't find currants at any of the stores around here. And I left out the sugar. Fortunately that was easy to remedy by serving them with honey. The time I made three orange cheesecakes for a four-course meal for thirty people and left the sugar out was a little harder to fix.)
Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes and Cheese (An omelette would be better, but my pans are incorrigible.)
Sliced Peaches (that should have ripened longer)

I think I'll stop there as the menus have now descended to leftovers, beans and rice.


the Joneses said...

I once wrote that if I sent around an email on cooking, my recipes would run along the lines of:

* Red Beans with Chipped Chicken Because I Thought I Had Sausage But Didn’t
* Practically Meatless Spaghetti Because Only A Half a Pound Of Beef Was Thawed
* Something Like Vegetable Soup But With Pasta And Other Stuff In It
* Tuna Fish Since The Beans Scorched

So I'm cheering that anniversary menu of yours!! -- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

Yes, that's exactly how I cook. The advantage (for people who like variety) is that I never make the same thing twice.