Monday, September 13, 2004

In the Mood
I'm enjoying the thrill of a highly-successful weekend. For the first time since well before D1's birth, the only mess left from the weekend was the Sunday night dishes. It's nine o'clock on Monday morning and the house is tidy (mostly), the laundry is running, and D1 is still napping. Ah, the possibilities.

Also this weekend, I scored a touchdown in the Sunday-afternoon scrimmage. DOB and I went to a (free) swing concert at the local high school in the evening. We had to leave early on account of it being D1's bedtime and also needing to get up for work in the morning (clearly no longer a concern of most of the other attendees). But it was great fun and we got a cd to continue the concert. Query: How big does a band have to be to be a big band? This one only had about 16 members, but they did a great job.

So, with all that, I should be primed for this week's activities: freezing applesauce and painting the front door. DOB's sister is coming over today and we are going to attempt a bushel of apples. I'm not sure how much that is, as my family had an orchard and picked the apples into whatever old boxes we could find. My mother and siblings and I made applesauce until the freezer was full, our arms were falling off, and the floor was so sticky small children got entrapped trying to walk across it. Then we quit and all went swimming. So I'm not sure how much is reasonable for two people to attempt, but we shall see.

The front door is another project that cannot be put off. Apparently the previous owner never even got around to painting it, and it shows. And it had best be done before the weather changes and the storm door is an inadequate barrier. I will see if I can paint more neatly than my last major attempt, when my repainting of my bedroom resulted in me also needing new carpet.

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