Friday, September 24, 2004

More home adventures

I've figured out the solution to my refrigerator-cleaning problem. I've divided up the kitchen chores that need to be done about once a month into four parts (under sink, fridge, cabinets, and surfaces). Then I'll spend half an hour each Wednesday doing one of the four. If a month has five Wednesdays, I'll do more cabinets. You can all cancel your calls to the health department now.

I think I've killed all my plants again. Well, the peace lily was probably dead anyway. But the lucky bamboo may have finally gone this time, and the philodendron looks frighteningly pale. I'm not good with plants. I can tend to things that need it at frequent intervals (husbands, babies) or make noise when neglected (babies, husbands). Plants don't make noise and don't need to be remembered very often. So in my house they don't get remembered at all--especially since these were out in the garage until I found a place to put them in the house, which I never did. I'm going to try to revive the remaining plants (especially Philo, with whom I have a long history) and put them back on the refrigerator if they pull through. Maybe I will remember them there.

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