Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Do Re Mi
We spent part of Labor Day at a singing school, learning to sing from shape notes. Actually it was only the last day of the school, so we missed all the learning and practice and just got in on the singing, but even so it was fun and educational. DOB's family went to the other four days and took notes, so we will no doubt have the chance to learn what we missed.

I love that style of singing. We have the hymnal they use now (though there are definitely some songs we'll skip due to doctrinal differences). But we'll be working on four-part a capella harmony much more now. And Abbey's going to know her do re mi before she knows her A B C.

In other exciting events of Labor Day, a man hunt went through DOB's family's neighborhood. The helicopter spotted one of his brothers out tending to the chickens and sent a patrol car down to tell him to get inside. This delayed any outdoor sports but the excitement and speculation seemed to make it a worthwhile tradeoff.

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