Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ti, a drink with jam and bread

I am an infrequent drinker of hot beverages. I can't stand even the smell of coffee. Hot cocoa I have maybe once a year. Tea I have a bit more often, but not much. But even on the rare occasions I do drink something hot, my reticence over it is immediately reinforced because I burn my tongue. I marvel at people who drink coffee all day. Do they have constantly burned tongues? Or do they know some secret to sipping hot beverages that I have not yet learned?

Now DOB is theorizing that tea right before bed (as we had last night, in an effort to combat my cold) leaves him feeling better in the morning. Clears out the passages for a better night's sleep or something. Anyway, how do we make this a regular habit without also adjusting to constantly burnt tongues?

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