Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Word Games

Not having much experience in applying names to the various forms of infant garments, DOB required an explanation when I referred to D1's new cold-weather garment as a romper. However, he gamely accepted this new term and attempted to add it to his vocabulary.

A few hours later I asked him to carry her back to the changing pad and keep her distracted while I finished putting away leftovers. He picked her up and asked, "Do you want me to take her out of her bouncer?" For a few moments I thought he was confused about our baby equipment and was going to tell him that she wasn't in a bouncer, just a playpen.

Also, one evening this week we were in the back of the house when we suddenly heard loud bangs from the living room. We were startled for a minute, and then I relaxed as I realized what it was.

"It's just the CD player," I said.

"What on earth is it playing?" DOB asked.

"I think it's a Haydn symphony."

"I can certainly see why."

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