Monday, October 25, 2004

Baby Party

Saturday evening we had our birthing class reunion to show off the babies we didn't think would ever come the last time we all saw each other. Fortunately there were no conflicts resulting from the pride of first-time parents; everyone simply remained convinced that their own baby was vastly superior. D1 proved to be, though as tall as anyone, much lighter than the other babies, who were all boys. We tried hoisting them and are not looking forward to the impending weight gain.

For a natural-childbirth class, the statistics were not too great: out of four births, two epidurals, and one of the others still swears he's an only child. So we were the only ones there who both made it through naturally and are still convinced we want to have more. The teacher claimed that, among students in her next class, everyone had four-hour labors and breezed through. Guess we should have gone to that class.

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