Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'll be home for Christmas

Friends and relations in Washington, take cover. We have purchased our tickets. We are now scheduled for a week and a half of baby-exhibiting, present-hoarding, and consuming more cookies than any fuzzy blue creature could imagine.

We never had the legendary holiday difficulties that are reputedly common for young couples. His family celebrates Christmas much like they celebrate several other holidays during the year; my family celebrates Christmas as a six-week extravaganza. No contest. Besides, his family gets us the rest of the year round; my family only gets us for a short visit.

Last year was nice. Last year the first trimester was just over, so I was down to throwing up every other day, a great improvement. I hadn't seen any family members since early November and hadn't been in Washington since two days after the wedding.

This year will (I hope) be even better. I don't expect to be pregnant to any degree. We have the world's most intelligent and adorable baby to show off. We haven't been out there since last Christmas, and no one has been to see us since August.

Maybe I should relax up on my no-Christmas-songs-until-the-day-after-Thanksgiving rule.

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