Monday, October 25, 2004

Water Conservation

DOB periodically gets after me for my habit of waiting until the water in the shower has warmed up before getting into it, maintaining that this wastes water. This habit dates from my childhood, when one could easily get hypothermia while waiting for the hot water to wend its way from the basement to the second-story bathroom. Admittedly, our current water system does not take so long, nor is the water initially so cold, but there are still a few moments of chilliness before the hot water takes over. So I wait.

I countered that my water-wasting was miniscule compared to his, because he is prone to taking twenty minutes in there whereas I'm usually done in five minutes. So he bargained that if he could take a shower in five minutes, I would have to get in the cold water. Yesterday morning he took one in four.

Today, though, he had a stiff neck and a headache, so he took a very long shower to relax the muscles. I think we should have clarified whether this was a one-to-one correlation or whether one quick shower has doomed me to a lifetime of cold ones.

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