Saturday, October 02, 2004


Last night we watched Spiderman. (We rarely watch movies until they have been out so long we can borrow the DVD for free.) This was definitely not my typical movie genre. I don't do action and I don't even read that type of comics. (That's a comic strip? But it's not funny!)

But I liked it. Good and evil weren't just abstract concepts or arbitrary delineations, but specific choices people made. The hero respected his authorities (and they deserved it). Sure the villain was an executive, but it wasn't portrayed as if being in business was bad, but that choosing money and prestige over what is right can take you farther down the road of evil than you ever thought possible. Which is certainly true.

I did find it scary in parts. For some reason surreal, creepy violence is much more disturbing to me than realistic violence. D1's birth has also made a difference. If we watch a scary movie I have to check her much more often.

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