Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Problem Solved

Square containers are great for freezing things. But their lids always look like all the other lids of other square containers that are very similar but not quite close enough to swap lids with. And since no one ever acquires their lifetime supply of square freezer containers at once, any attempts at freezing must be prefaced by matching up every possible container and lid until one finds a match.

Today I wanted to freeze chicken broth, in a quantity suited to two of my larger square containers. I found a lid for one. On the second, I found a lid that I thought might work, with coaxing. So I poured away, put the lid on the first container, and started to put a lid on the second container.

Coaxing availed not. Instead the pressure induced the container to tip and skitter away, dumping the broth all over the stove. (Once again I gave thanks for a smooth-top stove.) So I had a lot of broth to clean up but I could now easily fit the remaining broth into a smaller square container, for which I had plenty of lids.

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