Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Fall Cleaning

This week the weather is clear and crisp and I have a source of free labor. That makes it time to do fall housecleaning. High time, since I never did spring cleaning, and I'm not sure how much the previous occupants (we bought from the realtor) did, as the junk mail indicates their baby would be about a year old now.

The free labor is DOB's youngest brothers. We get a lot of help from DOB's family, which we repay by producing grandchildren.

Yesterday we did the windows. We discovered that they are the kind that tilts inside and is very easy to clean, which was good because they were utterly filthy. They needed several preliminary scrubs with Bon Ami and a Super Scraper before window spray could even be considered. I used up my entire rag collection on them and the frames.

Today it was--and still is, though my help has gone and I must carry on alone--blinds, mini and vertical. Thanks to my sister's suggestion, I have figured out how to shorten the mini blinds so we don't have an extra two feet of blind that keeps falling off the windowsill if you don't balance it right. I don't know if the vertical blinds are washable or not, but if they dissolve while soaking in the bathtub, good riddance. I am beginning to suspect they were not originally light gray.

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