Monday, October 25, 2004

The tree I wanted to remove

When we first moved in, this tree had to go. It covered the entire back yard with spiky balls that imperiled its use for any outdoor activity. Fortunately we didn't leap into the complex action of removing the tree (power lines on three sides and a house on the fourth). Now is the first fall we've spent here, and I have changed my mind. The tree can stay; we will buy a rake.

In other horticultural news, my $25 worth of free bulbs (tulips and alliums) from Breck's has arrived, and I hope I can get them in this week while the weather is good. It came with another $25 coupon for more bulbs. I think this time I'll get gladiolus--the winter-hardy kind that don't have to be dug up every year. I feel about flowers as I do about children: Once I get them in the bed, they had better stay there. I'm not sure when Breck's is expecting to make money off me at this rate, but I'll enjoy this while it lasts.

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