Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Unless ye become as a little child

DOB's mother is giving me Suzuki piano lessons. This both lets her learn the lesson-giving technique and lets me prepare for the eventual day when D1 gets piano lessons. (In Suzuki the mother has to learn the first book before the child, and the child can start just about as soon as she can reach the keys.)

So, after having played the piano for twenty years, I'm taking beginning lessons again. It's painful. (This has nothing to do with the teacher, who is doing fine--it's the thing itself.) It's like having someone come in my kitchen and say, "This is a half cup measure. Put in exactly half a cup of flour. Don't spill any. Now take the teaspoon measure and put in two level teaspoons of cinnamon." And I just want to grab the stuff and dump the cinnamon in, like I always do.

It's hard to start over from the beginning. Hard to undo bad habits. Hard to learn things you already thought you knew. But it's also rewarding to swallow my pride and take things like a little kid again, one concept at a time.

And who knows, maybe it will carry over and make me neater in the kitchen.

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