Friday, October 29, 2004

Heading off the cliff

OK, one more opinionated post and then I'll go back to baby pictures and household misadventures.

Another argument I've often heard used by third-party advocates is, "The Democrat wants to go off the cliff at 85 mph while the Republican wants to go off the cliff at 55 mph. We shouldn't be going off the cliff at all." This is true, but they fail to complete the analogy, which is that the third-party candidate generally wants to suddenly erect a concrete barrier between the car and the cliff. On the whole, I think I'd rather go off the cliff. But I still think the best plan is to slow the car down gradually.

In other words, if the third party really could implement their plans with the speed they claim, the country would be instantly plunged into chaos and civil war. That's not good government.

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