Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baby Stuff

D1 and I survived her first vaccination yesterday. It was much more traumatic for me; I'm not positive she even flinched. She seems to have inherited His Majesty's pain tolerance; he is the sort of person who could drive himself to the ER to get a leg reattached, as long as he doesn't have to drive a stick.

She is 25.25 inches long, if you insist on that angle of measurement.

I'm considering relenting on the matter of exersaucers. I was convinced that they were a bad idea because (a) they were detrimental to proper bone and muscle development and (b) we didn't have floor space for one. However, having seen how much fun D1 had in one the other day, and having talked with the chiropractor about how to properly modify the seat, I may go ahead and make room for one. Now we'll have to see if one of those free ones I turned down are still available.

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