Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Life in a swing state

Living in the all-important state of Ohio, we have turned down countless opportunities to see various figures of national importance. The president is in Cincinnati--again? Ho-hum.

No, not until at least the vice-president came to our very own town (pop. 7500; home of Kurt Blom, 1987 backstroke champion) could we be bothered to travel to an event. Which was the case yesterday. And it was highly enjoyable, even with the standing in line. One can get away with more with a baby--despite the edict against any food or drink, the lady inspecting bags didn't even bother to inquire whether one four-month old really needed two 8-oz sippy cups full of water and a bag of trail mix.

For a presidential campaign event barely a week from election day, it was surprisingly substantive. I like Dick Cheney because he's so not a politician.

We are, of course, from the greatest of us even unto the least of us, going to be heavily involved in GOTV activities next week--we are staying in Dayton the night before the election in order to participate in inputting who-voted data there. (What is D1 doing to help? Cooperating, of course.)

And just in case you're still undecided:

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