Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Timing is everything

Thanks to the efforts of siblings-in-law, our garbage disposal is now functioning, the freezer is orderly and full of food, the baby equipment is clean, and my bags are packed.

Now the baby can come.

Last night I insisted it could not, even when I had contractions for three hours.

Although it would be better to wait until after the baby shower on Friday . . .


Anonymous said...

I disagree...taking a new baby to the baby shower is better! - Juliana

Queen of Carrots said...

Well, a) If I deliver this week, I'm not going *anywhere* on Friday.
b) as my mother-in-law points out, if people know what gender the baby is they give you expensive little outfits instead of practical things like generic sleepers and blankets and crib sheets.

Carrie said...

I suppose if I notice a gap in the blogging it can be assumed that you are busy doing "other" things. Have someone else that's around you meandering about fill the rest of us in! =)