Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Doing Our Part
Someone has finally run the numbers on the impact abortion has on electoral politics . . . and the news is bad for liberals. Turns out that people who believe that abortions are good are more likely to have them. And that people who don't reproduce don't pass on their values. The end result is more power to conservatives.

Abortions are quantifiable; unquantifiable but equally significant for this purpose are the numbers of children never even conceived because of an anti-life philosophy. I bet the ideological skewing is similar. Liberals can babble on about "it takes a village" and "children are our future," but the reality is babies aren't made by villages and those who are never born have no future. Bearing and raising children is a task that inherently skews conservative. It is the ultimate form of conservation--passing on the human race.

It's good to know that life still is stronger than death. And that while I change diapers I'm also doing my own small part in saving the country. ;-)

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