Thursday, June 17, 2004

Threats to Chickens
Some teenagers were convicted of animal cruelty for beheading chickens, out of curiosity over whether they really would run around 'like chickens with their heads cut off.'

Now, I'm all for punishing them for theft, and cleaning out coops is a good part of it--but reading a book on animal feelings? Does any chicken raiser out there really want to contend that chickens have feelings?

They should have been punished by being put on the butchering detail. And then frying the chickens up for dinner. That would have satisfied their curiosity in a hurry.

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Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I just read a bit last night about a chicken who can distinguish between people who are its friends, and people who are not, and will sit trustingly and contentedly next to its friends, while avoiding the others.