Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ode to Sleep
Yes, somehow, someway, Abbey made it through the night without a single scream. (This is not, of course, the same thing as sleeping through the night, except for Papa. But hey, he doesn't get to nap so it comes out OK.) We're not sure whether it was the change of sleeping location, change of feeding schedule, or simply the result of fervent prayer, but we happily accept it.

She has developed a new trick. She loads up a diaper, then waits for Mama to decide it is time for a change. Carefully she waits for the precise moment when the fresh, clean diaper has just been pinned in place, stares absent-mindedly off into space, as if contemplating the future of Social Security . . . then Whammo!

Then she waits until Mama has changed her again and just sat down and gotten comfortable, and she loads up a third.

Since I only have 12 newborn-sized diapers, I'm having to wash them once a day (and I'm wondering if we'll make it that far today). I'm grateful for two things: 1) I'm using cloth, otherwise I'd see dollar signs ringing before my eyes every time she does this 2) she's not a boy. If she were, I feel certain he would know not to wait until the diaper was on . . .

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