Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Time is . . . Near

According to the doctor, today I am officially at full term (37 weeks) and may proceed to have a baby any time I feel like it. And I *still* don't have things ready, although Kristen was here all day yesterday filling our freezer with baked goodies.

One of the pregnancy magazines in the doctor's offices had a feature on the dreams pregnant women have. Apparently at this stage women often dream of things like deep water that signify surrendering to labor.

I haven't had any dreams about deep water, but I did dream last night about having the baby. It all happened so fast that we were out in the parking lot, heading home, before we remembered to check the gender of the baby. (It was a girl.) There was also a great crowd of people when we went back into the hospital to check out properly, including most of my friends and relations. In the crush, my youngest brother bumped into me and refused to admit it. So I punched him and sent him sprawling.

I'm not sure what significance a dream like that has. Considering that my youngest brother is six feet tall and over 200 pounds, maybe it signifies aggrandized visions of my own strength to help me make it through labor. I'm not sure where this latent hostility is coming from, though.

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