Sunday, June 27, 2004

More 2 a.m. Musings
Abbey (that's how it's spelled, yes we know that's the building) has a strange propensity for screaming from 2 to 4 in the morning. Now we know crying is common in babies, but the precise timing of this had us mystified. Especially since she is otherwise the most incredibly even-tempered baby in the world. (She took a *bath* yesterday without uttering a peep.) She ordinarily sleeps through vaccuuming and puts up with the gaseous troubles of infant life with scarcely a murmur. Yet somehow in the middle of the night the slightest discomfort becomes agony.

So last night we developed a new theory. The only significance we can find to the timing of her discomfort is that it coincides with her birth. She starts getting noisy about 1:30, when I started pushing, and quiets down shortly after 4, when she was born. Perhaps she is suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress syndrome and having flashbacks.

Now that we have this theory we're not sure what to do with it, but perhaps it will at least serve to console us that we are not doing something horribly wrong.

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