Friday, June 04, 2004

Return of the Disposal Monster
Longtime visitors to this blog may recall we had garbage disposal troubles at our old apartment. Therefore I approached the one at the house with great tentativeness, only throwing down small, easily digested items.

It handled these with grace and ease. Over time, I became more daring. Ultimately, overconfident. Yesterday I tried to have it consume several orange peels and two cauliflower cores simultaneously. It proved too much. Although it continues whirling around, spewing fine bits of food into the sink, the water will not go down.

Fortunately nothing has rotted yet, so the house just smells like I've been making several gallons of coleslaw. But the future does not look bright. DOB wants to remove the garbage disposal altogether so that the temptation is gone.

I want a compost pile. Curse these over-manicured neighborhoods.

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