Monday, June 07, 2004

A Call for Male Leadership in the Church

Yesterday DOB and I were driving to church and found ourselves behind a woman in an SUV. She was driving too fast to pass. She was also applying eye makeup for several miles. This made us nervous and relieved when she finally pulled off at a gas station.

Perhaps we are extrapolating too much, but it seemed likely to us that she was driving to church--where else in the countryside merits eye makeup at 9:30 on a Sunday morning? (I suppose she could work at the gas station, but I find it hard to believe that such wages could support a brand new SUV.)

Now, if a man had only been taking her to church, the road would have been a safer place. She could have applied her eye makeup without endangering the rest of us. If men won't go to church for other reasons, we must appeal to them to go for road safety.

(What about the possibility that there was no man in her life? Ah, but if there were more good Christian guys out there, she wouldn't have that problem . . . )

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