Monday, June 14, 2004

Ignorance is Sub-Blissful
Saturday night we watched the movie Miracle, about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. It was a great movie, and I thought as we watched it that my enjoyment of it was not significantly diminished by my total ignorance of hockey. Until we got to the critical game against the Soviets. I saw the tension building up as the US team valiantly overcame the Soviet's lead, but I saw on the scoreboard that there were only three periods and remained calm, figuring, "This is nothing--the really tense period is yet to come."

And then it was all over. And thus I discovered that hockey usually only has three periods, unless the game is tied at the end of the third.

That really is all you need to know about hockey to enjoy the movie. But it would have helped if I had known that much.

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