Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hand Signals

I had already waved farewell to DOB in the garage this morning and returned to the office to opened the drape, as is my custom. I noticed he was only as far as the driveway, waving and gesturing to me. It looked kind of like the odd gestures he makes at his brothers when they stand at the windows and watch him leave, so I made some back. Instead of driving off, he continued to gesture, more and more wildly.

Finally I realized there seemed to be some significance to the gestures. I ran out the front door. He rolled down the window.

"You look cute making those gestures," he said, "But I need my glasses."

That explained the ring-around-the-eyes gesture he had kept repeating.

At least this morning I remembered to remind him to comb his hair. It's hard to keep track of everything at this hour of the day.


Deontologist said...

Are you sure the big eyes gesture wasn't in response to the gestures you were making?

I know I'd have big eyes if the Duchess flipped me off.

[shows a few gestures too]

Queen of Carrots said...

They were clean and non-insulting gestures! At least in America. I don't take responsibility for what my hand signals may mean in foreign countries.

Queen of Carrots said...
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