Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Random observations:

An actual snowfall is not as bad as snow threatening. But I still wish it would melt.

I need lessons in snow shovelling. Some things I learned: Bend at the knees. Don't use a shovel on the car. It's heavier than it feels

The secret to hot cereal is not overcooking it. The secret to not overcooking it is remembering that it is in there while simultaneously ironing DOB's clothes. The secret to remembering it is to have a brain, which I never locate until mid-morning.

I'm pleased to report that even though I am now happily married, I still despise it as much as ever when people gush about their love life. So my disgust wasn't motivated by envy, anyway, but true Nordic dislike of public gushiness. (Then again, maybe now I envy those who still have time and energy to gush. Ha, just wait until you have kids!)

Speaking of having kids, I'm speculating on whether people really, really wanting kids is as bad for the kids as not being wanted. Imagine being a poor newborn baby, suddenly faced with fulfilling someone's huge expectations for you to fulfill their emotional needs or redo their life for them. You wouldn't know what hit you. And you couldn't possibly measure up, resulting in constant frustration on both ends. The best reason to have kids is as the accidental byproduct of being happily married. (Under which circumstances, as DOB points out, the chances are pretty good.)

So I wonder what the psychological effect is of a society in which it is standard procedure to wait to have children until you are desperate. It really can't be good for a child to have their parents buying them lesson cd's to improve their mind prenatally. Relax, Baby, we're happy to have you along for the ride, but we don't need you to fix the car or anything.

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