Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Anchors Aweigh

Last night we attended a political event at a place billed as the "Yacht Club Clubhouse." The title seemed a tad redundant, but I was curious to see what yacht clubs looked like in the midwest.

After all, though I had never been into boating myself, I had certainly attended events at yacht clubs and knew what they were like: large, bare buildings with a basic kitchen and bathroom and a big empty room where presumably the members meet and fight over the cost of repairing the marina. Outside would be a long marina and a whole lot of boats.

As we drove up, I noted the building was rather small. Also it seemed to be on a bit of a hill. Inside, it was quite the most elegantly furnished "yacht club" I had ever seen, with nautically-themed decor and cream-colored leather sofas. However, hard as I peered through the gathering darkness outside I could see no sign of actual boats. Or, for that matter, water, except for a small pond and a half-empty swimming pool.

Maybe they run remote-controlled yacht races in the swimming pool.

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