Wednesday, March 24, 2004

How to Look Like an Idiot and Make Everyone Hate You

Yesterday I was heading to my prenatal visit, driving merrily down the road, when I got into the right turn lane. Only after I had come to a complete stop did I realize that the car in front of me had no occupant and that I was, in fact, parked. At that moment traffic in the lane next to me suddenly filled up with large, evil semis. And unfortunately I was pulled up too far to just swing back out into traffic. So I had to back up, which always confuses me because I forget which gear I am in, while more or less patient people offered me the chance to get back into traffic and then gave up on me.

It should be a no-parking zone. Maybe it is, in which case, I hope they got a ticket.

Can't loiter too long today--sister-in-law is coming over to help clean out the nursery.

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