Thursday, March 25, 2004

Born Expensive
Last night we attended our first birthing class. For non-parents among our readers, birthing classes are places where people go and discuss things not normally discussed in polite conversation, which based on my experience with little kids, is excellent preparation for parenthood.

Since it's a forty-minute drive away (the hospital has classes right down the street, but we wanted the Bradley method), and gets out rather late, the teacher has kindly offered to let us come early and watch the video that everyone else will watch at the end of class. Not only does this get us home sooner, but if it gets really gross we can close our eyes without appearing uncooperative. I'm not sure if that will help during birth or not.

The classes were held at a chiropractic office, and one of the chiropractor's wife was there with their four-month-old baby, which she brought out and exhibited for us so we would know what we were working on. We were all duly impressed.

We forgot to put money in the account, so we haven't paid for the class yet. When Rousseau said man was born free, he didn't know what he was talking about.

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