Monday, March 22, 2004

More Random Comments

Hardly anyone blogs on the weekends. For east coasters, Monday morning is a bleak blog-checking time.

No matter how complimentary the relevant adjective, never use the adverb "enormously" in describing your pregnant wife.

I've been reading a site called "Ladies Against Feminism." Mostly good stuff, aside from an occasional pro-antebellum South statement that raises my hackles. (It's got stuff from a variety of sources, though, so I don't know that that represents the opinions of the editors.) The article on feminism in communist countries was particularly interesting--why did countries opposed to every other (true) right make such a fuss about providing "women's rights?" For real entertainment, read the (expurgated) "Scorching Commentary." "Bible thumping fishwives?" As Dave Barry would say, that would make a great name for a rock band . . .

Last night there was a forum on Creation at our church, with presentations by various men in the church, including a fine one by DOB's dad. One question that was raised still has me pondering--a woman asked how a spirit could create all the material world. I guess we tend to think of "spirit" as a weak shadow of "reality," no matter how hard we try, and the tangible as the most real. But then someone referred to DNA, and I realized that it is always the intangible that makes the tangible. What, for instance, is transforming biscuits and eggs into baby as I type? It is that mysterious code of DNA that somehow has ordered a single cell to divide and diversify according to a written plan. The flesh profiteth nothing. It is the Spirit--the Word--that giveth life.

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