Friday, March 12, 2004

Ideological Purity and Clean Dishes

In the interest of maintaining order at the in-law's house while the parents-in-law are out of town for the weekend, we have taken next-to-youngest brother-in-law in for a few days. (They're all good kids, but four unsupervised boys between 11 and 17 are a dangerous combination no matter what their behavior.) He is doing all my housework for me so I can write thank you notes. I can't wait to have teenagers.

I also took a test of the purity of one's libertarian leanings, which is the best libertarian test I've seen so far. I came out with 75 points, which makes me a medium-core libertarian. I will get DOB to take it and see how he scores--he probably scores a bit lower, but higher than he would have a few years ago, while my score has probably come down. You see how we are corrupting each other. I even paused before answering the question "Is government inherently evil?" as "Yes." (I did mark it as a necessary evil.) I need to go read Justice Without the State and reinvigorate myself. Everyone repeat after me: "Government is eeeevvviiiillll."

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