Saturday, March 01, 2008

JAMBOG 2008, Phase 1

It's time for the Jones' Annual Midwinter Blues Online Game! (Go visit them for the full rules.)

This is the Twin Shopping Edition:

A Book
Rather a two-book set, of course. On how to discipline by magic. (I would have more confidence if Mrs. Weasley wrote them.) We'll have to use magic, as we don't have energy for anything more concerted.

Mode of Transportation
The choices are, of course, between minivans and . . . other minivans. Fortunately this is DOB's shopping department.

Something Yellow
Double strollers, yes. But a special twin feeding table? I think two second-hand high chairs ought to do the trick for one-tenth the price.

Double money would help. Five years seems a little too long, though. Maybe five months?

1 comment:

the Joneses said...

Looks good. As in, wait till you see Phase Two, and then you'll know why we're laughing.

-- SJ