Sunday, March 23, 2008


  • The ducklings found the bag of plastic eggs this morning and were all excitement. "Now we will hide them and you can find them," they announced. I thought not. That sounds too much like the games we play every other day of the year. ("Where did you leave your shoes?") The whole point of the Easter egg hunt is to reverse the situation for once.
  • We don't get contagious-sick very often. In fact, this is the first time this winter. But we do seem to make our few sicknesses coincide with major holidays. We are setting to be the inverse of those people who only go to church on Christmas and Easter; we go every Sunday except those.
  • At least staying home from church I didn't have to risk hearing "He Lives," a song for which I have an (according to others) irrational antipathy. But DOB reported they didn't sing it anyway, so I could have safely gone. Instead I sat on the couch with a box of tissues and wiped every nose that came by.

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