Thursday, March 20, 2008


So I failed my standard prenatal one-hour glucose test. (I failed! Sob! I never fail tests. Except driving ones.) It's my understanding that this is pretty common with twins and usually further testing reveals no problem; the body is just under an even bigger strain than usual.

The lady from the doctor's office said I need to get back in to the lab and do the three-hour test "at my earliest convenience."

Hmm. When will it be convenient for me to fast twelve hours, drive to the lab, drink a nasty orange drink, and sit around for three hours getting periodically stabbed in between watching interminable episodes of CourtTV?

Never, that's when.

Perhaps that's not quite what she meant.


Melissa said...

well, that sounds exciting. I had to do the three-hour test last week - with one day's notice. And what I drank was not orange-flavored. There was also no tv in the waiting area, so I enjoyed catching up on some reading! Thankfully, the results came back negative.

chickadee said...

you're having twins! how exciting. i must have missed that post. i failed my 1st test too when i was having my 3rd child. then i took it again and barely passed.

Eric and Wendy said...

Cheer up, think of how you aced the pregnancy test!

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention how common that is. word to the wise -- bring something to eat for after the test. I too was major sick with my twins but after the three hour test, I was FAMISHED!! Also, bribg water to drink while you are waiting. nothing says you can't drink water and it helps wash that nasty taste out of your mouth. good luck! geni
ps> if you fail the 3 hour, not to worry! this just cuts sweets and requires more monitoring of your glucose level. nothing major! better than the icky throwing up stage from the 1st trimester! you are almost there!!! :)