Monday, January 31, 2005

Your vote needed for the Best of 2004

I want to enter the 2005 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition in the "humor" category. Basic parameters: 450-word personal essay, previously unpublished. Deadline is Feb. 18. Prize is $100.

Since my blog is the only place whereby I now remember my life (before blog, I relied on email and random battered notebooks), I have been skimming past months for material on which to write a humorous essay. Then it occurred to me that perhaps asking my readers would be a good idea. I don't promise to operate on majority vote, but I think the insights would be helpful.

The following have struck me as possibilities. Which one do you think has the potential to make the funniest essay for a broad audience? (Not necessarily the one you find the funniest right now, although it would be interesting to hear that, too, if it's different.) Feel free to make your own suggestions, as well.

Marital Strength Test (In which we try to clean out boxes)
On the Line (An encounter with telephone support for telephone lines)
Nomenclature (The difficulties of describing ties)
Confession is Good for the Soul (diaper changing adventures)
Eating with Baby (what it sounds like)
Amazing Facts about DOB (the powdered sugar story)


the Joneses said...

I vote for either the pumpkin/hippopotamus cookies or the "Marital Strength Test." Actually, my favourite one is feeding sweet potatoes to D1, but I'm afraid it's been done too many times.


Marsha Louise said...

I love the marriage and feeding baby ones too!