Thursday, January 13, 2005

Annoying parental post

So, what cute and clever things about D1 can we drone on about?
  • She finally rolled over from front to back! She still seems to find the whole process a bit mystifying, though. We need more playing on the floor time.
  • She has started babbling. Not only is she babbling, she even seems to be learning Spanish. She said, "Hola, mama" quite distinctly the other morning. Not sure where she's learning it, since I don't even have Eres Tu Mi Mama? to read to her, and my Spanish doesn't go much farther than that.
  • If you show her that you've hidden a spoon under a cloth, she knows that she should be able to pull the cloth aside and find the spoon.
  • She can pick up her squishy blocks now, whereas a month ago she could only bat at them in frustration.
  • She has a variety of laughs, including the uproarious being-tickled laugh and a special malevolent cackle that probably means she's plotting something sinister.
  • She's developed a very healthy appetite in the last week or so, and so far hasn't turned up her nose at anything offered, except when not hungry. (I appreciate my mother-in-law's advice to mix all the food together from the start; that way the baby never has a chance to notice she doesn't like something.)
  • Also, she looks incredibly cute in this hat:

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