Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A long-awaited catastrophe

Last summer, I bought a rocking chair for D1's room. It was at a garage sale, and even though I thought $30 was a bit much for an unfinished, slightly rickety rocker, it was as far as I could talk them down, and I really, really wanted a rocking chair.

What with one thing and another, I never did get around to refinishing it or strengthening it. The front cross-piece kept falling out and it felt kind of wobbly. Every time DOB came in to rock D1 before bedtime, he would comment, "I know this thing is going to fall apart sometime while I'm sitting in it."

I thought he was exaggerating the danger, perhaps overly-influenced by The Patriot.

Last night, as we were rocking through the last lullaby, a loud crack rang through the nursery and DOB and D1 were suddenly sitting at a very strange angle. I sheepishly extricated them. Sure enough, the chair had given way altogether.

I will look at the chair later today, but DOB thinks it will require paternal intervention for him to trust it again.

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