Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Difficult question

Last week I gave D1 the stuffed Noah's Ark I found for her at a garage sale last summer. We had been reading about Noah in our morning Bible reading, and she had reached the age where she would enjoy putting in and pulling out small squishy objects.

We were playing with it yesterday and she was chewing enthusiastically on the lions when I noticed that one of the lions was losing its mane.

"Mommy needs to repair that," I remarked as I set it aside.

Then I thought about it some more. The animals in the ark should be one male and one female of each. Female lions don't have manes. Shouldn't I therefore remove the mane from the lion altogether and designate it the mama lion?

Then again, maybe that would make it more difficult for D1 to match the two animals. Plus, she loves the orange fuzzy mane. So maybe I should sew it back on.

The lion is left in limbo while I loiter.

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