Monday, January 24, 2005

Me Neither, Said the Little Red Hen

We had DOB's youngest brother over for the weekend in celebration of his birthday. At lunchtime on Saturday the following conversation occurred:

QOC: I'm making roast for dinner. Do you guys want mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?

DOB: Oh, mashed potatoes!

B6: Yeah, mashed potatoes!

DOB: QOC's mashed potatoes are the best.

QOC: Well, I'm getting tired and mashed potatoes make more dishes than baked potatoes. So if we're going to have mashed potatoes, I'm going to need you guys to help me with the dishes.

DOB: Hey, baked potatoes with lots of butter and salt and pepper are really good--why don't we have baked potatoes?

B6: Yeah, let's have baked potatoes!

Actually I wound up being really, really tired by nightfall, and thus they wound up helping me with the dishes anyway. But there were less than there would have been.


Devona said...

My husband is downstairs doing the dishes right now as I recover from doing the laundry, my homework, and going to class. It's because he ate without me, and didn't bring my any food when my class was over.

p.s. how do you do your mashed potatos?

Queen of Carrots said...

I mash them with butter, plain yogurt, granulated garlic and onion, salt and pepper. Don't ask me what the quantities are--I just keep adding stuff till it looks right. :-)

Devona said...

Sounds great, and lower in fat than the heart attack ones I make with sour cream, cream cheese, and butter.

I'll give yours a try, if you don't mind. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll verify that QOC's mashed potatoes are excellent. I can also verify that quantities are somewhat flexible. I have duplicated her results several times now. If you don't mind the peels, you can even leave them on for extra nutrition. When you mash them up they become small pieces mixed in with the white, make it more colorful and add texture.