Monday, July 19, 2004

Top Five
Last night we (my sister is still visiting) got talking about meeting famous people and came to the conclusion it seemed pointless to wait a long time in line merely to shake hands with anyone. Given the opportunity to actually sit down and talk with them, however, we all had plenty of famous people we'd like to meet.
So the challenge is: list the top five living, more-or-less famous people you'd like the opportunity to have a prolonged conversation with (or if the thought of talking to them is too intimidating, to be part of a conversation they were having with someone capable of intelligent dialogue with them).
Here are our lists:
1. Justice Scalia
2. Thomas Sowell
3. J. Budziszewski
4. Paul Johnson
5. Mike Antonnucci
1. William F. Buckley
2. Robert Novak
3. Chief Justice Rehnquist
4. Thomas Sowell
5. Jesse Helms
DOB then made a second list, in no particular order:
Mel Gibson
Margaret Thatcher
President Bush
Curt Schilling
Haley Barbour
Becky didn't finish her living people list, but so far she has:
1. Elisabeth Elliot
2. Ben Rich (The guy in charge of Skunkworks, the stealth plane project)
3. Whoever runs the logistics at the White House
Then we decided to come up with a dead people list, too.
1. G. K. Chesterton
2. C. S. Lewis
3. Winston Churchill
4. Deborah (from Judges)
5. Jane Austen
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. John Adams
3. Senator Robert A Taft
4. John Bunyan
5. David
1. Hudson Taylor
2. Winston Churchill
3. Ernest Shakleton
4. Joseph
5. Jonathan Edwards
Clearly DOB favors politicians, Becky favors people who run things, and I favor writers. Although it seems redundant to want to talk to a writer, since one already has their books.
Anybody want to post their own list?


Anonymous said...

Here's my "dead people" list. - Juliana
1. Daniel (how DID he get along so well with all those wicked rulers while helping to manage their kingdoms?)
2. Nehemiah
3. Mary (the mother of Jesus)
4. My great-great-great-great Grandmother on my Mom's mother's side (she traveled to WA in a covered wagon and had her husband killed on the trip in NE by indians).
5. George Mueller

Anonymous said...

Here's my "living people" list (you didn't say they had to be available did you?). - Juliana
1. Jesus
2. Enoch
3. Elijah
4. President Bush
5. WA Senator Dino Rossi

Queen of Carrots said...

I don't know, it should probably be people living on earth at the present time.